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The website links are for companies that allow you to apply through the Internet. You can run a quote before you apply. Applying through the Internet has the convenience of getting the quote and application to the company much faster then regular mail, and you avoid an application fee with some companies. I will get a copy of the application. The, "Health" link will quote all available companies together and the best place to start.

International Health Insurance is available. If you live in the USA, then it is for foreign travel. If you live outside the USA, then you can apply for world coverage, including the United States.

Internet applications are difficult to enter, so please call me if you cannot complete the application. I can log on and answer questions for you. Gracia's and Thank you.

There are over 95 different plans.  Look everything over, and then call me so I can personally help you get the best plan for you needs.

Call us at 210-436-8299 or send us email to